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Life is about the people you meet & the things you create with them. 

The Holestee Manifesto

Nature & Form #stages #leaves #discoveringnature

Nature & Form #stages #leaves #discoveringnature

Happiness just arrived! :D new sharpie markers ♥♥♥ #sharpie #marker #love #colors #new   @sukritibajaj29

Happiness just arrived! :D new sharpie markers ♥♥♥ #sharpie #marker #love #colors #new @sukritibajaj29

Trying my new sharpie ♡ #sharpie #brushpen #watercolors #koi #fashion #make up

Trying my new sharpie ♡ #sharpie #brushpen #watercolors #koi #fashion #make up

Loving  Ray Eames’ cute bows and pins, I spotted, in a book about the famous duo in the library. 

Source: The Story of Eames Furniture by MARILYN NEUHART


10 Things that made me happy this week!

1. Random plan to go to the mall on a depressing day, and eating North Indian Thali from Moti Mahal Deluxe (The Daal Makhani in this vada pav land has never tasted better), followed by the yummiest, cheesiest ‘Vegetable Nachos Grande’ from Chico Mexico and a meetha paan to digest it all

2. Stumbling across 50 Epic Dance Moves on youtube and doing them with a crazy bunch of girls after a boring day in college. This was followed by an imitation of drunk punjabi people dancing.

3. Making it to class after 3 long days and ticking off everything on my agenda that day.

4. Being able to figure out the new mechanism to fix the flaws in the bioscope. #projectbiosocpe

5. Discovering the most amazing volumes on Charles & Ray Eames in the library.

6. New Curtains in the room, thereby getting rid of the ugly blue mattress covers which were functioning as our curtains all this while

7. Discovering Life hacks and flaunting how to take out one tictac from a tic tac container to my friends :P

8. Reading almost an entire issue of Vogue, after ages.

9. Coming up with funny punjabi names for all my friends and shouting them loudly from a distance to embarrass them

10. Finding a person who uses Bootcamp to run heavy windows softwares in a mac, to assure me I can go ahead and install bootccamp without worrying. Yay! I can keep my mac :)

Project Bioscope, again!

A month & a half into my industrial design program and we are back to Project Bioscope. I have the opportunity to experiment with a new mechanism and fix the flaws that existed in it. Talk about excitement :D 

My Workstation makes me happy ^.^ #workstation #love #art #heart

My Workstation makes me happy ^.^ #workstation #love #art #heart

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller